Our leadership development program embodies true strength leadership supporting leaders to stay resilient, centered, and on top of their mental game.



Master develops peak mental conditioning so leaders can fully access and embrace their natural power. Most successful leaders are instinctual decision-makers; they depend strongly upon their experience and "gut-feel". This means they must consistently refocus and realign their psychology to succeed.

Master is a powerful journey that requires fearless introspection, mental resilience, and a commitment to mindsets and behaviors that positively impact all stakeholders.

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Built on a Foundation of Science & Research

All our programs are built on the science of Positive Well-Being, rigorous data analytics, and proven mindfulness-based practices. MASTER also supports gender diversity, supporting women to overcome obstacles in rising to top leadership positions.

"As more women participate and lead work in organizations, the health, and well-being of women have important implications for organizational effectiveness." Nelson & Burke, 2000.

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What Does MASTER Involve?

MASTER is conducted over a two-day immersive experience. MASTER then moves into a group and individual coaching modality over 12 weeks to support participants engage more deeply, learning more about the application of the work.

Post-program, participants have access to three videos summarizing the program and guided practice videos to support leaders to stay on track.

Peak mental conditioning unleashes a leaders journey to success.

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Our Committment To Your Leaders

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction health benefits are tested in several scientific studies. Some of the potential benefits of our program include:

  • Greater stress management skills & mental health.
  • Strong, balanced, & centered.
  • Unleashing the leader within.
  • Mental resilience & peak conditioning.
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