The Inner Mastery Formula

In 3 steps, unlock a transformative and evidence-based approach to
emotional resilience and impactful leadership.

Since 2010, the Inner Mastery Formula (IMF) has been empowering people in cultivating mental and emotional resilience,
skillfully navigating life's challenges, and harmonizing their inner and outer worlds.

Cultivate an exceptional team of leaders within your organization to inspire transformative change, foster a positive and productive workplace culture, enhance teamwork and creativity, and ultimately reduce attrition costs.

IIWE - The Institute of Inner Wellbeing & Excellence


In a world experiencing profound transformation, the demand for impactful leadership and meaningful change has never been more pronounced. At IIWE, we wholeheartedly embrace this ever-evolving landscape by collaborating with the leaders within your organization.

Our goal is to cultivate momentum and spark positive transformation within your organization by nurturing a deeper connection among your leaders, both in their relationship with themselves, their sense of purpose, and their connections with each other. The result is a stronger leadership team that nurtures a positive and supportive workplace culture, promoting growth and success.

In today's workplace, ongoing disruption has become the standard. Our flagship program, the Inner Mastery Formula (IMF), empowers your leaders to take ownership of their experiences, reshape their interactions with others, and promote effective communication and shared understanding.

Mindfulness & Emotional Resilience


Life’s challenges can disrupt your most trusted and influential people, leading to inner turmoil, maladaptive coping mechanisms, and feelings of isolation, fear, stress, and resistance. These emotions significantly impact their personal growth, workplace culture, and overall effectiveness.

We empower your leaders to assume responsibility for their lived experiences, reshape their interactions with others, and facilitate communication and shared understanding.

Benefits become evident quickly: enhanced sense of belonging, teamwork, creativity, and productivity. Ultimately, this fosters a stronger leadership team that nurtures a positive and supportive workplace culture, nurturing growth and success for all.

Don't let your best people get trapped in a labyrinth of thoughts and emotions without a clear path. Empower them to cultivate self-awareness, mindfulness, and resilience to navigate the uncertainties of their inner and outer landscape.

Our offerings


Our three-step process seamlessly integrates mindfulness with the core principles of positive psychology, enhancing personal, social, and leadership well-being, resilience, and skills.

We provide a structured inside-out learning program that teaches individuals to seamlessly weave together thoughts, emotions, and behaviors into a cohesive whole. It equips them with the skills to navigate their inner and outer landscape, foster meaningful relationships, enhance decision-making, and leadership abilities.

We use analytics to track progress and empower people to thrive. As pioneers in a structured and evidence-based approach to mindfulness and resilience, IMF is not just a practical program; it’s a proven path to long-term and sustainable mindfulness and resilience.

IMF employs a holistic strategy to address pressing employer risks due to rising stress, mental burnout, and attrition rates. By enhancing leadership skills and embedding resilience in your organizational culture, we proactively identify risks using predictive analytics. We also provide customized solutions to address vulnerabilities and evaluate their impact on individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

Radhika Vachani


Radhika is the driving force behind IIWE, spearheading a transformative movement in emotional resilience and impactful leadership. 

With over 25 years of dedicated study under esteemed yoga and meditation masters in India, combined with a successful entrepreneurial journey encompassing the fashion industry in New York, telecom in Silicon Valley, and holistic health and wellness in Mumbai, Radhika developed the Inner Mastery Formula (IMF). Her firsthand experience in holistic well-being, coupled with navigating the challenges of the corporate world, ignited a profound passion for making a substantial contribution to the field of impactful leadership and human flourishing.

Radhika has collaborated with numerous leaders, organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to address a wide array of personal and organizational challenges. Her wealth of expertise uniquely positions her to skillfully navigate the intersection of personal development and professional success.

Together, we can transform your environment one meaningful step at a time, harnessing the immense power of a customized, holistic, and
evidence-based approach.

Four main principles form the core of all our work.

Personal Growth and Positive Wellbeing

Enhancing our mental, emotional, ans physical well-being builds the foundation for mastery and leading a happy, productive, and
purposeful life.

Intentional Living

Being present and aware of our internal and external landscape, enables us to become less emotionally reactive and more intentional about the choices we make.

Clarity of Purpose

By clarifying our aspirations, and creating a roadmap to achieve our goals, we condition ourselves to succeed and live our purpose.

Ongoing Self-Reflection

Ongoing self-reflection helps us to anticipate challenges, minimize risk and make adjustments to enhance our life quality.

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