The Inner Mastery Formula


Since 2010, IIWE has empowered hundreds of individuals to foster resilience, navigate challenges, 

and cultivate inner strength and empowerment.

A learning institution committed to shaping a more positive world.

Community Speak - Grace Taylor

Dorothy McKelvy - VP Global Talent

“Thank you all for a very fulfilling program experience! Superb facilitation, moderating, and content.”

Nilanjan Mukherjee - CEO

“Absolutely Amazing! The experience is customized, and if one is remotely serious, then the possibilities of unlocking the powers of your mind, unfurl beautifully.”

Dinesh Dayal - COO

“Now fearless, my mind has become more alert and calm. I have experienced a significant improvement in my mental focus, memory, life, leadership, and listening skills. I have developed better judgment, become more discerning, have greater confidence, and am quite happy to accept the uncertainty and impermanence of life.”

Wanda Void - Student

“This experience is going to benefit me for years to come. I am way more resilient and view challenges and problem solving from a totally different lens.”

Renee Thuard - Teacher

“The training program was a tremendous challenge, as well as a fantastic journey! The entire team supported our inner growth with immense dedication. Each session was highly supportive and open. I am now committed to my personal wellbeing every single day.”

Our Global Community