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RISE is a workplace wellbeing program that empowers your people with exceptional emotional-social-mental wellbeing and creates a thriving workplace.

Three-Day Immersive Program


When your people flourish, they live with purpose, develop into influential individuals, become collaborative, engaged team members and resilient leaders.

Proven tools and strategies help your people overcome their greatest fears, think creatively and critically, take charge of their own destiny, and build the resilience to succeed in any environment.

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Built on a Foundation of Science & Research

All our programs are built on the science of Positive Wellbeing, rigorous data analytics, and proven mindfulness based practices. RISE builds a positive workplace culture where productivity, employee engagement, and cultural diversity thrive.

Havard researchers Amabile and Kramer (2007, p. 77) assert, "people perform better when their workday experiences include more positive emotions, stronger intrinsic motivation (passion for the work), and more favorable perceptions of their work, their team, their leaders, and their organization."

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What Does RISE Involve?

The RISE program consists of three modules - Individual, Team, and Leadership Development.

The program is conducted over a two-day immersive experience. Post-program, participants have access to three videos summarizing each module and guided practice videos to support them to stay on track. Monthly, live virtual sessions over six months enable participants to engage more deeply and learn more about the application of the work.

Flourishing emotional-social-mental health and well-being, and peer group support unleash their journey to success as they gain mastery over their personal and professional lives.

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Our Committment To Your Organization

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction health benefits are tested in several scientific studies. Some of the potential benefits of our program include:

  • Greater stress management skills & mental health.
  • Improved work-life balance & time management.
  • Better sleep, reduced anxiety & emotional reactivity.
  • Life vision & goals creation.
  • Greater sense of belonging & workplace culture.
  • Higher employee engagement & reduced attrition.
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