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My extensive 25-year journey with inner well-being, which included training with renowned yoga and meditation gurus, led to developing our structured and proven method to transform the body, mind, and emotions.

Centered. Passionate. Adventurous.

Living my purpose and creating a positive impact on the world.


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We are on a mission to transform the lives of 100 million people around the world and address challenges faced by humanity.


Pioneering Self Transformation

We live in a volatile, uncertain, and impermanent world. We can't change external circumstances, but we can learn how to be centered, resilient, and navigate challenges and complex life circumstances.

My personal journey and deep interest in people's emotional relationship with the physical environment led to the creation of the Institute. We bring over 150 years of experience to deliver the Institute's vision to become the leading Inner Well-Being Institute for all.

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My Purpose

Empowering Humanity & SUSTAINABILITY

Our minds, emotions, and actions hugely impact our environments, be it our relationships, work, climate change, rising inequality, and mental ill-health.

This challenge exists everywhere. My thought leadership series addresses inside-out sustainability as a key driver for sustainable development and impactful leadership. I've started building momentum by presenting these ideas at prestigious academic institutions, conferences, and leadership forums.

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My Commitment

Flourishing In The Face of Adversity

Published in 2017, Just Breathe, the most powerful tool for self-transformation, addresses the fundamental question - "how do we find peace, permanence, and certainty in a world that is, by its very nature, volatile, impermanent, and uncertain?"

We're committed to the UN's Sustainability Goals. Our technology platform enables us to scale and reach people around the world, making inner health and well-being accessible. By supporting people to become accountable for their daily well-being, we empower them to overcome adversity, live with mindfulness and resilience, and positively impact the world.

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My Passion

Merging Ancient Wisdom With Modern Science

Our concept of human well-being is changing rapidly. While technology is driving rapid market advancements in health and well-being, new and untested approaches often fail to create sustainable change and serve as band-aid solutions.

Our proven inner well-being framework has helped thousands of students create a life they love and live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. We've integrated ancient wisdom and practices with the science of Positive Well-Being, empowering students to be accountable for their daily inner well-being.


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