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There’s a secret to motivating people to do great things: its purpose.
But, it requires overcoming indecision, fear, and developing the skills to master the mental game of life.

Resilience. Agility. Efficacy.

A Mindful & Reflective Leadership Program.

"How do you move from purpose to impact? By articulating your purpose and being on top of your mental game, you find the courage to live and bring your purpose to life."

- Radhika Vachani




Whether serving others, getting out to solve big problems, or having a passion, we all want a purpose. Positive impact, social movements, or rapidly growing organizations occur because of a profoundly unifying purpose called MTP’s (massive transformative purpose).

MASTER is our leadership program that builds mindfulness, self-care, self-reflection, and impactful leadership. Transformational internal skills develop your capacity to be on top of your mental game and swiftly respond to change and adversity, empowering you to become an influential leader who positively impacts others and the world. 



To live one’s purpose and care about larger issues faced by organizations and humanity, we need to break past limiting beliefs, learn the tools that enhance personal care and mental resilience, and develop a more collective approach to the well-being and success of others.

Coaching, self-inquiry, transformative practices, and ancient wisdom form the backbone of the work. We engage people in a life-changing journey empowering them to lead with inner wisdom and centeredness.

"Now fearless, my mind has become more alert and calm. I have significantly improved my focus, memory, life, leadership, and listening skills. I have developed better judgment, become more discerning, have greater confidence, and am unphased by the uncertainty and impermanence of life." DD

Enrollment for MASTER will open again in 2023.

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I'll be teaching techniques taught by the world's most renowned masters to help you master the mental game of life.

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Free Resources
Start Slow & Easy

Reduce stress, and begin your journey to improved inner health & wellbeing. Start slow & easy, with baby steps. Create space in your daily life to experience something new, opening up to the possibility of change.

Just Breathe
Balance & Mindfulness

Create inner balance, and become less emotionally reactive. Regulate your thoughts, emotions, and build mindfulness. Build the mental muscle for change, lay the foundation for a lifetime of good inner wellbeing.

Create A Life You Love

Life is filled with challenges & uncertainty. Overcome stress, anxiety, and burnout, and become less emotionally reactive. Build personal well-being, navigate challenges with skill, experience a wide range of healthy emotions.

Live Your Purpose

Growth is the cornerstone of a fulfilled life. Overcome fear, limiting beliefs, and be on top of your mental game. Build mindsets & behaviors to develop social connectedness, unleash your potential, & bring your purpose to life.

Sign up for my next FREE PEAK BEINGNESS Masterclass. I'll be teaching techniques taught by the world's most renowned masters to help you master the mental game of life.