The Inner Mastery Formula

The ancient practice of Yoga holds immense transformative power when guided with care and expertise. It facilitates an inward journey that leads to profound physical, emotional, and mental transformation.

Iyengar yoga classes take our students through a journey that fosters 

a profound sense of inner balance, strength and harmony. 

Empowering physical, mental and emotional mastery.

Physical Practice

The physical practice of yoga encompasses a wide range of postures and movements that promote strength, flexibility, balance, and overall wellbeing of the mind and body.

Breathing Practices

The breathing practices known as pranayama, involve conscious regulation of the breath. They enhance vitality, calm the mind, and promote a sense of inner balance and harmony.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation offer a pathway to inner peace and clarity. By practicing presence and stillness, we cultivate a calm mind and discover the power of being present and aware.

Asana - Physical Practice

Haṭha yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word हठ haṭha meaning “force.” It encompasses physical postures aimed at enhancing the body’s inner strength and health while filling the body with energy and vitality.

According to Haṭha yoga texts, a posture is perfected when effort dissolves, breathing normalizes, and one attains inner awareness. Yoga’s essence lies in aligning and purifying the mind, body, and spirit, and developing inner mastery. Amidst an ever-changing and chaotic physical world, individuals face challenges. Yoga teaches us to live with resilience, undisturbed by external factors.

Iyengar yoga stems from hatha yoga. It emphasizing precise alignment, and prolonged poses to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Pranayama - Breathing Practices

Prānāyāma (Sanskrit: प्राणायाम) is a yogic discipline centered around the breath. “Prāṇa” signifies the vital life force, while “yāma” implies gaining control. 

Within the realm of yoga, breath and prāṇa are closely intertwined as life energy. Consequently, prānayama serves as a means to amplify and elevate prāṇa śakti, the energies that sustain life. 

To cultivate proficiency in pranayama practices, it is essential to first develop the muscles involved in breathing. The body serves as the gateway to the breath, establishing a profound connection. All our teaching are based on the Iyengar School of Yoga.

Pratyahara - Withdrawal of Senses

Pratyahara, a fundamental aspect of Yoga, involves the intentional withdrawal of our senses and the sensory inputs they bring into our physical being. Our senses, which act as conduits for external stimuli, can often overwhelm us and impede the gathering and concentration of our thoughts, as seen in the subsequent stage of Yoga called Dharana.

Among the various methods used to withdraw the senses, one widely practiced approach is mindfulness directed towards the breath. By attentively observing the breath without attempting to control it, our connection to external senses and stimuli gradually diminishes. 

The mind naturally tends to wander amidst the sensory inputs, but as these inputs recede, the mind can redirect its focus inward. This inward turning of the mind is a pivotal aspect of pratyahara.

Dharana - Single Pointed Focus

Dhāraṇā, a significant stage in the practice of Yoga, can be understood as  “holding steady,” “concentration,” or “single focus.” It follows the preceding limb of Pratyahara, which involves withdrawing the senses from external stimuli. 

Dhāraṇā takes this process a step further, refining it to attain ekagrata or ekagra chitta, a state of single-pointed concentration and focus.

In the practice of Dhāraṇā, the practitioner enters a state of deep concentration meditation, wherein the chosen object of focus is held firmly in the mind, undisturbed by wandering thoughts or distractions. This unwavering consciousness towards the chosen object characterizes the essence of Dhāraṇā.

About Radhika Vachani

Radhika Vachani, founder of IIWE and the renowned Yogacara Institute, is a globally recognized wellbeing expert, published author, and authority on the science of yoga. With over 25 years of dedicated devotion to the BKS Iyengar School of Yoga, she has immersed herself in its profound study and practice.

Since 2010, Radhika has remained unwavering in her mission to preserve the ancient and authentic practice of yoga, an invaluable legacy of India and a remarkable gift to the world. Drawing upon her extensive experience studying under revered yoga and meditation masters, she has developed evidence-based programs that seamlessly integrate Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and ancient wisdom with modern scientific insights.

Her transformative approach creates a nurturing space for individuals to explore their practice, establish a deep connection with their inner selves, and embark on a meaningful journey towards a stress-free and enriched life.

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