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Our Leadership Team


Radhika is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset. As the Founder & CEO of the Institute of Inner Wellbeing & Excellence (IIWE), she has created a cutting-edge organization that empowers individuals and organizations to achieve optimal mental and emotional well-being, develop essential soft skills, and build resilience.

As CEO, she partners with people and organizations to promote mindful and reflective leadership, create thriving and inclusive workplaces, reduce the risk of voluntary attrition, and unlock collective intelligence to address organization and global challenges.

Director Strategy & Collective Engagement

Gerard is a leader with a passion for unlocking the potential of individuals, groups, and organizations. He has a background in aligning teams in a purpose-driven work environment that integrates with business objectives. He aims to create agile cultures that align human capital with the strategy and purpose of the organization, moving toward more sustainable and productive ways of living and working.

Gerard is a seasoned and innovative leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a progressive mindset. He has spent a significant part of his career with AON as the CIO of Business Systems and Solutions, Asia. In this role, he was responsible for developing and deploying a regional strategy that included people, processes, and alignment of all lines of business in 14 different countries.

Project Management

Vivienne understands what it takes for organizations to build engaged teams in purposeful, value-driven work from the ground up. She also understands growth challenges, motivating, and supporting teams to collaborate, innovate and excel in a culture of pride and ownership.

Scientific Advisors

PhD Cambridge

Sridhar is a valuable member of the volunteer distinguished academic team at the Institute. He plays a crucial role in designing research projects, developing ethical research methodologies, establishing standards for data collection, and creating the philosophical construct of human health and well-being.


Vansa is a sociologist and demographer with expertise in social and behavioral measurement, program evaluation, and measuring the effectiveness of programs and policies on institutional culture and climate. She has over ten years of experience in survey construction, analysis, and impact assessment, with a focus on efficient and actionable data collection.

Clinical Psychotherapist

Alaokika Bharwani is a Clinically Trained Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant who has trained in India and the U.S. She has worked under some of the top professionals in the field, and has undergone specialty training at the premier Albert Ellis Institute, New York and the Beck Institute, Philadelphia in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


We are led by experienced practitioners, renowned academics, researchers and statisticians who provide guidance, education and training based on their expertise, thorough data analysis and a focus on measurable progress towards well-being.