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The Institute of Inner Well-Being & Excellence was founded in 2021, anchored by some of the most accomplished professionals.

We believe people with sound inner well-being live extraordinary lives and create a better world. Our mission is to transform people's lives, building exceptional inner well-being and mental resilience.

What We Do

Build Inner Well-Being & Resilience

We live in a volatile, uncertain, and impermanent world. While we can rarely change external circumstances, we can leran to be centered, resilient, and navigate adversity.

For over a decade, we have worked closely with people and organizations to understand their challenges. We've taught them to be grounded in reality, build a solutions mindset, and turn their challenges into opportunities.

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How We Do It

A Rich 25-year Journey in Human Fourishing

All the work we do is based on the science of Positive Well-Being and our founder, Radhika Vachani's extensive journey with the holistic sciences, ancient wisdom and practices.

Breathwork, mindfulness-based approaches, and ancient wisdom forms the backbone of our work. We engage people in a transformative journey building mindfulness, mental resilience, and high levels of inner well-being.

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Why We Do It

A Flourishing & Resilient People & organization

We believe people with sound inner well-being, live an extraordinary life, and create a sustainable world.

Despite challenges, people learn to experience greater happiness, social connection, and engagement. They become motivated to work together, achieve their highest potential, and live a meaningful life.


Together, we bring over 150 years of experience to deliver the Institute's vision to become the leading inner well-being institute for all.



Radhika Vachani Founder & CEO

Radhika Vachani founded the Institute 2010 on the principles of inner wellbeing and inner harmony. The Institute is built on Radhika's extensive 25-year journey with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices and the study of ancient wisdom with globally renowned teachers.

Her extensive, 25-year journey with these practices has led to the Institute's simplified approach to inner wellbeing, enabling individuals to awaken their greater inner wisdom and live with balance and happiness.

Radhika Vachani is also a researcher, a published author, and an authority in the science of Positive Well-Being. She has dedicated her life to teaching people to be stress-free and on top of their mental game. She believes the heart of true progress and sustainable human development lies in supporting people to achieve good mental wellbeing.

Radhika has worked closely with organizations, leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and young adults worldwide. She supports them in building mental resilience and inner skills that enable them to be present, centered, and practice non-reactivity. In addition, they develop the art of skillful living, which empowers them to maximize their potential, achieve long-term goals, and live with happiness and meaning despite challenges.

Her book, "Just Breathe, the most powerful tool for self-transformation," addresses the fundamental question - "how do we find peace, permanence, and certainty in a world that is, by its very nature, volatile, impermanent, and uncertain?" Just Breathe reflects the dedication, depth of experience, ethical standards, and practices that form the foundation of all the work conducted at the Institute.

In 1997, she co-founded Blue Chip Telecom, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based telecom company, which she exited in 2005. In 2010, she founded the Yogacara Institute, India, a holistic wellness institute integrated in India's rich Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation traditions.

She has presented her work at prestigious academic institutions in the US and UK, and is also a frequent speaker at conferences and leadership forums.


Vivienne M. Brown Client Development

Vivienne understands what it takes for organizations to build engaged, high-performing, geographically distributed teams from the ground up. She also understands growth challenges, motivating, and supporting teams to collaborate, innovate and excel in a culture of pride and ownership.

Prior to joining The Institute IWE, Vivienne worked in the telecommunication, banking and insurance industries where she focused on Project Management, Business Development and Administration.

She also enjoys working with youth and young adults in exploring higher education, business ideas, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

She earned her MBA from the University of New Orleans and a Bachelors Degree in Administrative Management from the University of Technology, Jamaica. Vivienne also received her PMP designation in 2017. She has been invited to speak at a number of educational sessions focused on communication and project management.


Dr. Sridhar Venkatapuran Health Ethics

Sridhar is a part of our volunteer distinguished academic team at the Institute. He plays an instrumental role in helping design research projects, developing ethical research methodologies, establishing standards for data collection, and creating the philosophical construct of human health and well-being.

Sridhar has been at the forefront of health ethics and global health for over 25 years. He is an academic educator, researcher, and public/global health practitioner. At Harvard, he worked with the late Arjun Sengupta, UN Independent Expert on the Right to Development, in conceptualizing its philosophical and ethical framework. He was also a pioneer of the health and human rights movement as the first researcher at Human Rights Watch to examine HIV/AIDS and other health issues directly as human rights concerns.

Sridhar is an Associate Professor & Deputy Director at King's College London, Global Health Institute. He holds several degrees in a range of disciplines, including Political Philosophy (Ph.D., Cambridge), Public Health (MSc, Harvard), Sociology (MPhil, Cambridge), and International Relations (BA, Brown). He has won numerous awards, scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

He has also worked with a range of international organizations, including the WHO, the Open Society Institute, the Population Council, and Doctors of the World-USA.


Vansa S. Hanson Analysis & Evaluation

Vansa is a sociologist and demographer. Her expertise includes social and behavioral measurement, program evaluation, and measuring the effectiveness of programs and policies on institutional culture and climate. She has over ten years of experience in survey construction, analysis, and impact assessment. She is particularly focused on efficient and actionable data collection.

Vansa plays an instrumental role in designing research projects, developing ethical research methodologies, and establishing standards for data collection and analysis. Whether measuring the impact of a given initiative at the individual or organizational level, Vansa is driven by two overarching questions: for whom, and under what conditions. The answers to these questions allow her to guide organizations toward maximizing their impact.

Vansa is completing her Ph.D. at Texas A&M University, holds a BA from Trinity University and a Masters from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Alaokika Bharwani Clinical Psychotherapist

Alaokika Bharwani is a Clinically Trained Psychotherapist and Mental Health Consultant who has trained in India and the U.S. She has worked under some of the top professionals in the field, and has undergone specialty training at the premier Albert Ellis Institute, New York and the Beck Institute, Philadelphia in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Alaokika helps identify thinking, emotional, and behavioral patterns that impact a person's ability to cope with the ordinary demands of daily life. High stress, low mental health, and depression are often caused by limiting belief systems, unhappiness, and de-motivation.

She plays an integral role at the Institute IWE with advising on mental health data, and guiding the development of our interventions and strategies to support people in their journey to attaining high levels of mental-emotional-social health and well-being.